Casa Loma

Last week Saturday we went to Casa Loma, (It's in Toronto some place)
It's this huge home built by some rich guy
and then he lost all his money and sold the house to the city
Since it's not always sunny outside, the guy apparently put light bulbs behind the stain glass windows
so that even if it's raining the room is filled with colour.
I climbed all the way to the top of one of the towers
(which this castle is famous for)
(and I left mom at the bottom with Nadia)
and almost all of the bricks were signed which looked really cool.
You could see the CN tower out of some of the windows,
even some of the bedrooms had a pretty nice view
little slit windows in the top of the tower
Kinda in the centre and a little off the the left is the stable/garage/garden
it's a complete separate building but there's a tunnel that goes under the road from the house to the stable
And then on the right is a tower which is almost identical to one I climbed
Bad picture, but this is the tunnel
Another bad picture,
this chirstmas catus is 125 years old 
Because the guy was so rich he started building a swimming pool downstairs, he also was planning on a wieght room, but he didn't even start that
cuz he ran out of money the pool was never finished,
but is was supposed to look like this:

we took the subway from the Yorkdale mall
and walking back we went under this bridge


  1. Great pictures! Got to get Uncle Wes to bring me there someday once all our kids are in school. Not very stroller-friendly, I see. Now I know what you mean. ;-)

    I think you took good pictures. What you consider bad shots would be pretty awesome for me. LOL

  2. I love the blue you added to the shot underneath the railroad bridge - it looks so cool!!


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